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-- captions by vitac -- an emotional night in the south bay since lamar disappeared from morgan hill. good evening. we begin with a mystery aboard an amtrak train. tonight a bay area family's
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desperate for answers after this man 69-year-old charles dowd vanish while traveling across the country. dowd is 'ry tired san francisco firefighter on his way to visit family in canada. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is joining us from the newsroom with more. >> according to his dautd he was heading to canada to visit his son and grand kids when he went missing. >> he's a really independent spirit. he was doing this trip for theed a have been chur. he was really excited about it and this is a shocking turn of events. >> charles dowd left on wednesday heading to canada on friday he was supposed to make a connecting train in chicago but didn't. his cell phone, medications and luggage were found in the sleeper car but there was no sign of him. >> completely out of character. he's a caller. he calls and lets us know what he is doing. this is very out of character for him not to call for this
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long. >> the family last heard from dowd when he called on thursday evening saying he was just leaving denver. the last time he was seen was reportedly on friday. >> there's an unconfirmed report that a conductor spoke with him at the early morning hour on friday morning. so i'm hoping that is a true story. >> his daughter says the conductor told police the 69-year-old seemed disoriented. he's with it. >> he doesn't have deshah or alzheimer's. >> he can be confused. desperate for answers they have a facebook page to spread the board. >> we are trying to get people looking for him. >> his daughter is headed to omaha to retrace his trip in hopes of finding him. >> he's a character. i think people that talk to him would remember him some we need
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to find those people. >> he is described as 5'10", 170 pounds and thin build, gray short crop canned hair. usually has a hat on. they don't know if he is headed back to the bay area or is in the midwest or beyond. if you spot him you are asked to call police. >> thank you. >> there was an emotional anniversary for the sfrauns of sierra lamar. the 1 -year-old disappeared six months ago today. they gathered at the center in morgan hill releasing balloons and offering prayers. the authorities have a suspect in custody in the case but have not found a body. lamar left her school march 16th from her home in morgan hill and has not been seen since. >> six months today she's been missing. we're all still here we're all still looking.
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>> we come out and we search and it is heart wrenching to see what they are going through. >> missing sierra. that is still there. and wanting her to be home with us and get on with the normal life. >> 21-year-old garcia torres is charged with kidnapping and murder in the case but he is yet to enter a plea. new at lemp, the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle lea is due in court tomorrow. 27-year-old esteban is charged with the murder. police say le's blood was found on esteban's shoes and they tracked both cell phones to the same location the night le disappeared. emergency crews in napa county spent much of the day searching a river for a fisherman who fell off a bridge in to the water. it happened at a railroad trestle near american canyon.
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26-year-old jose was reportedly fishing with a friend around 2:30 this morning when he fell in to the water and started to drift downstream. >> he was not a strong swimmer. knew how to, i wouldn't say swim but could stay afloat for a while. they dowd hear him calling for help and this went on five minutes as he drifted away. >> he is from san francisco. the napa county officer search and rescue and the chp air operation and the coast guard helped in the search called off around 2:00 this afternoon. a sheriffs team is expected to pick up the search tomorrow by boat. they did say it is not uncommon for people to fish that area throughout the night and early morning. i was a frustrating and frightening afternoon on barth today for some people when the civic center station closed for an hour. people reported hearing an explosion at the station.
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bart evacuated the station causing system-wide delays. there was no smoke or flames them bomb squad was called in as a precaution. >> we got called to a possible explosion and smoke in to the civic center bart station. it was a system malfunction of some sort. the police did an investigation and there doesn't seem to be any apparent criminal intent and that was part of the delay. we wanted to ensure that the public safety of bart and the citizens. >> reporter: investigators say the electric third rail experienced some kind of short. the san francisco fire department gave the all-clear to open the station after an hour. the train was taken out of service and is being inspected. things are expected to return to normal tomorrow morning at sfo, but not before part of the rush gets underway. one of the main arrival runways has been closed since friday night as crews work to install lighting and make other safety improvements. it is set to reopen tomorrow morning at 8:00.
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the closure caused minor delays of an hour for regional flights. the runway is scheduled to be shut down the next two weekends starting this friday at 10:00 a.m. prices at the pump jump again this week. another five cents least in many of areas of this country. the average is 3.87. sounds good, huh. up 16 cents from a month ago and 2 cents from a year ago. experts blame it on tengs in the middle east, the eurozone bailout and refinery shut downs due to storms and upgrades. prices in the bay area are significantly higher than the national average. in san francisco a gallon is 4.23, up four cents from a month ago. in oakland 4.15 and in san jose the average is 4.17. today marked the eve of rosh hashanah which is the jewish new year. the congregation had extra reason to celebrate. the temple turned 150 years old
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last year. in honor of that history, members have been writing their own torah all year long and tonight the finished project was formally dedicated. >> it is actually a piece of art because they are handwritten, very strict guidelines on how to do it. and this is not something that happens very frequently. this is an amazing experience, a year-long process that we got to do as a congregational family and community. >> 400 people took part in that project. still to come at 11:00, fact or fiction, we look in to the claims both candidates are making in the race for the white house. and good evening from the nbc bay area weather center this evening. i'm anthony slaughter. temperatures in the upper 80s inland today, back to the the lower 80s across the south bay tomorrow as fall is six days away. we are talking about a cool down. details ahead. . plus, no deal, no hockey tonight. the sharks have a message for
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their fans after the lockout was made official this weekend. also -- >> santa clara says it is unethical, san francisco allows it. you see a conflict there? >> i might see a difference of opinion. >> free 4 9er tickets for officials. the investigative unit is asking the questions. [ fingers tapping ]
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more than 69,000 fans purchased tickets for tonight's niners game at candle stick park. tonight the nbc bay area investigative unit raises more questions about free tickets handed out to elected leaders. tony is here tonight exposing an ethical difference between two bay area cities. >> here's the issue. should some of the bay area's most powerful get free fried rides because they are elected? watch closely and hear how the definition of government ethics changes when you drive from san francisco to santa clara. >> let's go! >> two bay area cities, separated by 45 miles of roadway. and one major difference --
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>> the acceptance of tickets presents thorny issues. >> the supervisor john avalos and a majority of his colleagues accepted free tickets last season. >> at times you give tickets to friends? >> well, the championship game the other day i gave to my mother-in-law. >> during that february interview supervisor avalos made this statement about future free tickets. >> am i going to take tickets to go to 49er games? i would putted and to it for myself personally. seven months later will you accept free tickets this season. >> i have not decided whatly do. >> sir, it is a policy decision you have had months to think of this. >> i'm not going to decide right now. >> it is is ethical -- >> in the south bay with a new stadium less than two years away, santa clara city attorney
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has a different view on the ethics of free tickets. >> we are not to accept any type of tickets from the team. >> reporter: and the ethical difference shows up in brig. san francisco's contract with the 49ers written three decades ago, provides more than 75 free tickets for city leaders for every football game. santa clara's contract for the new stadium intentionally excludes any language providing free tickets for city leaders. >> we certainly don't want any perception that any official is reaping some kind of inappropriate benefit from our relationship with the team. >> reporter: why? >> we thought that that would be contrary to the ethical policy and we want want to create impropriety. >> they are to be commended.
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>> this law professor has publicly criticized san francisco for its free ticket policy for the city's most powerful. >> they shouldn't be doing it. it's amazing that they are still doing it. >> some just don't want to talk about it. follow ourg february investigation, some supervisors have reconsidered. >> is it ethical to accept tickets to the 49ers game for free? >> i have made a decision that moving forward i'm planning to because i understand the issues that have been raised. >> reporter: are you planning to accept tickets to 49er games this season? >> actually, no. i'm not. >> reporter: that's a change in policy. last year you accepted free tickets. >> i decided not to do that this year. >> reporter: five of the city's 11 supervisors changed their personal policies electing not to accept free tickets for personal use for the 2012 football season. >> do you believe it is unethical. >> i think there are different
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reasons that people do things. for me it was the right thing to do and people have to decide for themselves. >> reporter: four supervisors chu, wiener, kim and after loes used them for personal use last year and have all left the door open to again accept free tickets this season. >> you told me in the interview last year that you thought that maybe you should rethink this policy. >> i can see how people can be, you know, question it. you are here. you are doing your job o. reporting on really important news items, like this. >> that's a shame. and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it. >> reporter: so it is one really good football team shared by two cities, with two distinctly ethical barometerers. >> it really shows a gall on the part of city officials who are taking these tickets which you can't justify. >> so five of san francisco's supervisors have pledged not to personally use the free tickets
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this season. four have left that door open for more free tickets, and the two remaining supervisors plan to donate all of their tickets to charities. here's the contrast. san francisco city attorney says free tickets are okay. when the 49ers move to santa clara in two years, like candle stick park, free tickets will be a thing of the past. diane? >> thank you, tony. if you have a tip for investigative unit call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the 49ers won tonight at candle stick and we will have more in a couple of minutes but first there was extra security tonight after a number of fights and injuries last year and you might be surprised what police were wearing at the game. nbc bay area ar tour ya santiago has a look for us. hello, arturo. >> everywhere i walked today i was able to see some layer of
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security. something not so obvious was the san francisco police department's version of a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> it happened recently where supporting your team has become a blood sport. that's why there is an emphasis this year on stadium security and fan safety. even fans who were are feeling comfortable. >> we have been here for a while now. we have been here the last half hour and everything has been okay. you hear a few rumblings but it is all good. >> i work security myself but not here. so i understand the security situation, what they have out here. >> reporter: what you see is adequate? >> yes, i think so. >> if placed under cover san francisco police officers in the stands, dressed as lions fans. others are in 49ers gear. >> actually this is my first time coming to a game. so it's good so far.
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yeah. >> reporter: you see enough police and security around. >> i feel secure. >> reporter: that's the con sen ses us is of the fans we talked to. regardless, candle stick works hard on security, including following new legislation that mandates them to post a number to call or text stadium security if there is trouble. >> security will come do you know help you out. i haven't had a problem. i have been coming to games, four or five last year and never had a problem. >> a lot of the stuff that is going on, it hasn't happened before but they stepped up the security and i enjoy it. it's fine. >> another thing they will target is scalpers selling tickets and merchandise. nbc bay area a news. coming up in our second half hour, exclusive behind the scenes access with ceo and owners of the 49ers.
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he is making big changes and building a billion dollar stadium and says he is taking a different approach with the team than his father did. >> i definitely tried to be part of the community and getting involved whether it is charitably in business efforts and, you know, going to dinner in the city. making sure that people know you are here and you actually feel the city and feel what is going on. you feel the bay area. i think that is very important. i think that's a good lesson for anyone getting in to sports. >> the 31-year-older speaks candidly about what went wrong with the stadium in san francisco and he shares the excitement he has about a big change in his personal life. we will have the full interview coming up in a bit. and new at 11:00, a plea for patience from the san jose sharks after the nhl lockout was made official last night. the team released a statement saying in part, quote, our fans and partners are number one priority. we appreciate your patience and ask that you continue to bear with us. we hope to see you and nhl
11:20 pm
action back at hp pavilion very soon. the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players association expired last night. no professional hockey will be played until a new deal is reached. the issue is money. as of now, players get 57% of lochte-related revenue. owners want to knock it down as much as 10%. training camps were supposed to start the week with opening day october 11th. it is the league's fourth work stoppage in ten years. right now we will check in with mr. anthony slaught area and spectacular day around the bay. >> it was a spectacular day. temperatures in in the mid to upper 80s in the warmest locations. livermore 89. gilroy 86. morgan hill 85 and napa 81. those were the warmest locations. here in san jose it is 57 degrees. 59 in sunnyvale.
11:21 pm
it is going to be chilly with 40s across this board tonight. anner level low across the pacific. you can see it there. this is stalled out. it is a cool pool of air hanging out across the pacific. what we have is strong on-shore flow and that will be with us the next couple of days. as i mentioned earlier the upper 80s today and lower 80s tomorrow and tuesday. and that wind from the ocean will start to rev up to places like livermore, concord, danville, in the upper 80s today. in the lower 80s, even san jose to the 70s. it will feel like fall as we head to the next couple of days. as i mentioned, six days away now. with we are counting downum tomorrow morning in santa rosa 47 degrees. 49 napa. 51 in concord to start the day. tomorrow not bad. comfortable reading for this time of the year.
11:22 pm
this is hatchactually where we d be. cooler at the water. she city by the bay 64 in san francisco. tomorrow we are expecting to see widespread fog at least for the first half of the day and then the afternoon will clear out and you will notice the three-day forecast shows warming because that cool pool of air. that starts to shift back to the pacific as we head to wednesday. so by the upcoming workweek, by thursday and friday in the upper 80s. kiebd kind of like where we were today and yesterday. not too much of a contrast in our temperatures for the next semp days, diane. but the good news is we have a chance of showers in the forecast come next sunday. so that would be very interesting. we haven't had a lot of rain lately. >> no, it's not that time of the year and hard to say it is good news but i understand. i get the concept. >> we are the weather people. we love it. >> thank you, anthony. sports is up next.
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welcome back. it would be tough for the 49ers to top last week's performance in green bay, but the niners were clicking on all cylinders from the guys from the motor city, the detroit lions. let's get to the action. prior to kickoff, the coaches shook hands. look at this, nothing like a
11:26 pm
staged photo shoot. go ahead, you and i smile. we get along for a little bit. he hits davis. frank gore crosses the goal line. san francisco rolling early. 14-6. what about fourth quarter? detroit looking for answers. stafford is pressured. taken down by brooks. would be ruled down at the 30 yard line. they end it with a drive with a 48 yard field goal. davis cut back. cross the goal line. touchdown. 49ers, 73 yards receiving, 27-12. 49ers at that point they win 27-19. >> i'm extremely happy for alec. he made made a lot of plays for us. michael crabtree stepped up as usual. carried over from last week and the defense did an outstanding job helping us.
11:27 pm
>> dade great job all night in the run and the pass. we put a lot on those giefs up front. not only do they have to be physical they have to be able to think on their feet and they do a great job of that. >> tough as a $2 steak. >> the raiders and dolphins. raiders down bay touchdown. palmer short pass to goodson who is looking really good right here. kiss them good-bye. all the way to the house. 64 yards for the td. tied at seven after the extra point. >> second half the reggie bush show. miami hand off to bush. looking like the old bush all the way across the goal line. but it wasn't his last td. because he would shake loose for 65 yard score score here. man, he still has speed. 21-10.
11:28 pm
listeningest td run the raiders have aa loued since 2010. bush a career high, 197 yards. oakland looses 35-13. >> it is very embarrassing, man. >> feel like they gave up? >> who? hell no. they didn't give up. just [ bleep ] made some plays but it is embarrassing. it is discouraging, man. i know we done it. >> man, you can feel the pain. over to the giants and d-backs. top of the fourth, 2-1 arizona. runner on third. brandon bell doubles down the right field line. here's buster posey. game tied at two. bottom of the fourth now, bases loaded. pitcher patrick corbin triples to right. three run come in. d-backs lead 5-2. seven runs and six earned. arizona wins 10-2 the final.
11:29 pm
as for the a's going for the sweep against the o's on fiesta day wearing the athleticos jersey. pretty cool. a home run to right, the second of the day for him. 3-2 baltimore. didn't get better for the green and gold. top of the seventh, chavez singles up the middle. mark renn nalds and manny scores to make it 7-2. a's lose 9-5 is your final. so, three of the four bay area teams in action today come up short. the one team that wins, the san francisco 49ers. >> very good night for them. diane. >> a fun game. thank you, henry. we'll be right back. okay, here's the plan.
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kinds of promises and accusations and we are doing our best to separate fact from fiction. this week one of the claims from the president was that the united states has doubled our use of renewable energy. according to fact, that's not entirely true. wind and solar energy have doubled since 2008 partly because they started at such low levels but when you add in all types of renewable energy including hydro power from water, total renewable energy use is up by 25%, not double. as for mitt romney, he claimed that five studies show his tax plan show that his plan could cut i taxes by 25% and critics say it is impossible. of the five studies he mentioned two were written by romney campaign advisers, a third by a former economic adviser to president bush and the others were blogs or opinion pieces. coming up, the escalating
11:33 pm
violence in afghanistan, four americans are dead after what some are calling an insider attack. plus what happened to charles dowd? the retired san francisco firefighter vanished while traveling aboard an amtrak train and now his family is desperate for answers. one on one with 49ers owner jed york on his commitment, the raiders and the big move to the south bay.
11:34 pm
it's a mystery aboard an amtrak train. tonight a bay area family is desperate for answers after this man, 69-year-old charlts dowd vanished while traveling across the country. he is a retired san francisco firefighter who was on his way to montreal to visit his son and grand kids when he disappeared. nbc bay area's kimberly tere has
11:35 pm
the story. >> he's an independent spirit and he was doing this trip for the adventure. he was really, really excited about it. you know, this is just a shocking turn of events. >> reporter: charles dowd left on amtrak from emeryville on wednesday, headed to montreal, canada. on friday, he was supposed to make a connecting train in chicago but didn't. his cell phone, medication and luggage were found a sleeper car, but there was no sign of him. >> completely out of character. he's a caller. he calls and lets us know what he is doing. this is very out of character for him not to call for this long. >> the family last heard from dowd when he called on thursday evening saying he was just leaving denver. the last time he was seen was reportedly on friday in there's an unconfirmed report that a conductor spoke to him at the early-morning hours on friday morning. so i am hoping against hope that that is a true story they say he
11:36 pm
seemed disoriented. >> he's with it. he doesn't have dementia or alzheimer's. >> but he struggles with insomnia and restless leg syndrome which his family says can make him confused and slow his thought process. they have a website and facebook page to spread the word. >> we are trying to get people on the ground looking for him. >> his daughter is headed to omaha to retrace her dad's trip in hopes of finding him. >> i feel like people that talk to him would remember him. we need to find those people. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> it has been six months today since 16-year-old sierra lamar disappeared. she left her school on march 16th and has not been seen since. family and friends mark the anniversary together. jim foster was at the vigil. >> she's been missing. and we're still here.
11:37 pm
we're all still looking. >> we come out and search and it is heart wrenching to see what they are going through. >> missing sierra, that is still there and wanting her to be home with us. and get on with normal life. >> i appreciate hearing everybody putting the posters up for her. hearing that from everybody has really helped to console us as a family. but just reading all of the prayer requests really i felt touched by it. it told me that she hasn't been forgotten. >> one, two, three. >> i would have hoped that we would have found her and she would be home with us and life would be normal right now. but we are still searching and determined and we still got lots of support, lot of support.
11:38 pm
>> 21-year-old garcia torres is charged with kidnapping and murder in the case but is yet to enter a plea. three people are recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting in solana know couldn't think this morning. it happened just before 1:00 in the morning near the west field shopping center on travis boulevard in fairfield. one of the victims is a 16-year-old boy. the other is a 46-year-old and 54-year-old man. police are urging anyone with information to come forward. four american soldiers were killed in afghanistan today during what's believed to be an insider attack. the americans may have been duped by the afghan police who called in for help saying they were under attack by insurgents. when the americans arrived, the afghans reportedly turned their guns on them killing at least four and injuring two others. today's attack follows yesterday's that killed two british nato soldiers. >> let me reiterate that we take those incidents very seriously
11:39 pm
and we do the investigation together with our african partner in it is unclear if the attack is related to an indent earlier in the day when nato warplanes killed nine afghanny women. nato is apologizing tonight saying they mistook the women for insurgents. the two events are expected to deepen the mistrust between nato and afghan forces. the violence has put foreign policy in to the presidential campaign that had up until now largely been dominated by domestic issues. tonight new tensions between israel and iran presents a difficult balancing act for both president obama and mitt romney. we get more tonight from nbc bay area's peter alexander. [ chanting ] >> reporter: less than eight weeks until the election, the anti-american violence across the islamic world has shifted the focus of the race from economy to foreign policy. the urgency ratcheted up by netanyahu who today on "meet the
11:40 pm
press" issued this stark warning about iran's nuclear program. >> they are close, six months away from being 90% of having enriched uranium for an atom bomb. i think you have to place that red line before them now. before it is too late. >> reporter: netanyahu argued the recent unrest in the middle east makes the stakes even higher. >> iran with nuclear weapons will mean the kind of fanaticism you see storming your embassies will have nuclear weapon. don't let these fanatics have nuclear weapons. >> president obama says the economic sanctions are having an affect on iran. >> there's a time and space for the pressure we are mounted which is unprecedented in terms of sanctions to yield results. >> president obama has been trying to show resolve in the face of new tension. >> i want people to hear me. no act of terror will go unpunished. >> mitt romney has fiercely attacked the administration. labelling the president a weak leader. >> sometimes it seems we are at
11:41 pm
the mercy of events instead of shaping events. the world leads american leadership. the middle east needs leadership. >> despite critics, they say they have exposed what they see is a stark contrast between the candidates. >> if we project weakness. they come. if we are strong our adversaries will not test us and our allies will respect us. >> reporter: polls show that more trust barack obama's handling of foreign policy. john mccain has urged romney to give a major foreign policy speech, which romneyed a viefs say is under consideration. peter alexander, nbc news, denver. still to come, a desperate mother and a rare disease. now the search is on for a perfect donor. overpriced tickets at the new stadium. bad blood with gavin newsom.
11:42 pm
and an interview with 49ers ceo york. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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at 31 years old he is the youngest ceo in the nfl. we have an interview with jed york. he speaks about what went wrong with the stayed wrum in san francisco and shares the excitement he has about a big change in his personal life. york sat down with nbc bay area's raj mathai for this exclusive interview.
11:45 pm
>> a ball from joe montana. i got it in '90. >> it is reminiscent of a hollywood script. >> jed, keep up the family tradition arer the little boy that grows up a die-hard 49ers fan. who's this? >> that is me after beating the chargers. >> is now the 49ers boss but hollywood is far from santa clara. across the street from his modest office is his billion dollar stadium. this will soon look like this. but the real look of the franchise is no longer the exuberant uncle or the aloof father john york. it is jed york who learned from his father's is makes. >> the most important thing with my parents, they love this team and will do anything for the team but they like their privacy and like being in ohio most of the time. if you are going to be at the helm of a team you need to be there. you need to be part of the community and i have tried to be part of the community of getting
11:46 pm
involved, whether it is charitably, in business efforts and just, you know, going to dinner in the city, making sure that people know you are here and you feel the city and feel what is going on. you feel the bay area. i they is very important. i think that is a good lesson for anyone getting in to sports. >> one of the biggest doubters was the mayor who said the project is on shaky ground. why was there bad blood there? >> i think the biggest thing is in san francisco the infrastructure didn't exist. it is easy to say, let's blame gavin because it was jed and gavin. there are some things that we did wrong, some things he did wrong but when you don't have the infrastructure to support a project like this that is what killed the deal. >> it is difficult to deal with the fans who are priced out of coming here. >> when the club seats are the first thing that go on sale and you read it is an $80,000 seat license and i'm scared and that is what everyone has to pay. that's not the case.
11:47 pm
you can't let the media or reports that are driven to get a headline and sensation deter you from the facts. that's why we have taken a careful effort and approach to meet with every single season ticket holder face to face and let them know what their options are. >> you have always kept the door open for the raiders. is that still a possibility. >> this is an opportunity to have a two-team building. obviously that looks to make the most sense when you are looking at the raiders being in this market and trying to build a new build sfwhg your life will be changing in the next 30 to 60 days. are you excited. >> my wife and i got married last summer and we are expecting a baby in about a month. i couldn't be happier for personal reasons, for professional reasons and having a great partner like danielle and new baby on the way, i don't think it gets much better than that. >> raj mathai, nbc bay area
11:48 pm
news. >> all right. we are going to check in with anthony slaughter and check out the weather around here. it is that perfect september thing going on. >> like you said, doesn't get better than this. saw some beautiful conditions. as we have been mentioning, fall is six days away w. the climate prediction center issued a below average cat foyer for what we are looking at for temperatures through november. and the big thing to take away from we are under an el nino watch now. that means two things. one below average temperatures but second a wetter than average rain season and you might be surprised we have rain in the seven-day forecast. 58 in sunnyvale. 54 san mateo, 58 livermore. in the 60s, 61 degrees. big upper level low is keeping things cool in the pacific. because of that things are not so cut and paste with weather. we have this cool air that's
11:49 pm
spilling out from under the trough. we will be looking at the next couple of days is slight cooling. no anything major or drastic but a few degrees off the daytime highs in the inland valleys. for tomorrow, we will start with fog. by the afternoon 64 in san francisco. 80 san jose and 85 livermore. not too bad. the three-day forecast shows warming and then the seven-day forecast shows a little bit of a roller coaster trend. back in the mid to upper 80s by thursday and friday. then as the upper level swirl, the low moves this way it will bring the clouds and also the chance for showers as we head to the first full day of autumn. >> all right. still looks lake a nice forecast. >> it does. >> thank you, anthony. storms in the southeast are delaying space shuttle "endeavor's" flight. it was supposed to leave kennedy space center tomorrow. but that departure is set for tuesday now. low flyovers are still planned,
11:50 pm
though, at key nasa sites including thursday morning. "endeavor" is scheduled to pass over the golden gate bridge on the way to los angeles. it will eventually be placed on permanent display at the california science center. still to come tonight, the fight of his young life. >> it's hard to kind of see him and not know what is going to happen to him. >> a bay area family's desperate search for a donor coming up next.
11:51 pm
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a san francisco boy is fighting for his life tonight and time is running out. 2-year-old jeremy needs a bone marrow match and needs it now. out of 9 million people currently on the national marrow registry 1% match his ethnicity, chinese. we have more on how you can help.
11:53 pm
>> jeremy was just like any other 2-year-old boy. until june when doctors told anthony and alice their son suffers from a rare form of leukemia and he needs a bone marrow match by december. >> love and adore him. so, yeah, it's hard to kind of see him and not know what's going to happen to him. >> the asian-american donor program is fighting for the family and she lost a friend to leukemia on tuesday. 25-year-old janet from pleasantton got 400,000 you tube views after posting a plea for a donor on-line. she got a bone marrow transplant after waiting three years. that was last week. she says that was too long. >> it normally takes 45 days for the cells to grow after transplant. she received 15 rounds of chemotherapy.
11:54 pm
her body is really weak. >> so far getting people to sign up for the registry has been difficult they blame east asian superstition. >> they don't want to talk about the medical needs and what could happen or what could possibly happen. it is don't say or you will jinx it or something. >> these young parents are fighting, not for one future but for two. [ laughter ] >> this is when jeremy first felt his brother kicking. alice is ai eight months pregnant and she wants jeremy to get the chance to grow up. >> such a great guy. we can't think of what a great older brother he would be. i love you. >> all it takes to determine whether you are a match is to swab the inside of your cheek. for more on how you can help, and a list of upcoming drives check our website nbc bay and search aadp. nbc bay area news. >> again, aadp stands for asian-american donor program.
11:55 pm
we'll be right back after the break.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
well, the san francisco giants wrapped up the road trip in arizona today. thousands of runners crossed home plate at at&t park and this year's giant race. it benefits project they hope to raise $150,000. thank you for joining us. the chris matthews show is up next. good night. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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